Why water fed pole cleaning is better.

For the first time as a window cleaner, a potential customer told me they didn't want to use my services because we predominantly use water fed pole (reach and wash) cleaning methods. I asked the lady why she felt that way, to which she said they don't do as good a job and she preferred the traditional method using a ladder.

Now, it comes easily to window cleaners why the pure water methods are better and why we should all be using them. But to our customers and potential customers who don't see the added value of a water fed system, let me make a few points on why I believe it is a superior method to cleaning windows.

  • Safety.

This is always number one for me. The less I am up a ladder, the happier I am. Falls from height are the biggest killer in the workplace and on site in the UK. Now as a home owner hiring a professional window cleaner, you might ask yourself what do you care if someone comes onto your property with their own ladder and falls?

Take a look at this article from 2012, where a window cleaner almost died falling off a ladder while trying to clean his customers windows. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9466514/Jeremy-Vne.html

Hot weather had loosened a piece of the customers roof, causing the window cleaners ladder to slip and nearly kill him. If he had died, the homeowner wouldn't have necessarily been held responsible, but it could have been avoided.

Using a water fed pole system from the ground entirely removes that worry.

  • Quality of cleaning.

The potential customer I spoke to felt that the reach and wash systems didn't do as good a job as the traditional way of getting up a ladder with a brush, a squeegee and a selection of towels. In the hands of a cowboy window cleaner or someone relatively inexperienced to window cleaning this could be so, but to a seasoned veteran of cleaning windows this is simply un true. In fact I feel it is the exact opposite.

Yes, if you have a property that hasn't had its windows cleaned in a very long time on the first or second clean with water fed poles you might get a run down the window or a few spots while you dislodge and rinse away all the old dirt, but once a regular cleaning schedule has been put in place this will definitely stop happening. Using pure, de-ionised, water on your windows will most likely keep them cleaner for longer compared to the traditional method.

  • Environmental.

This one won't always come naturally for homeowners, but with water fed pole cleaning the only chemical generally used is 100% pure water, which means it's free from impurities.

Generally in the UK you will find water has around 100-150 parts per million of impurities coming out of a tap, once the water has been filtered and is ready to use for water fed pole cleaning it should be at 0 parts per million of impurities. This means that there are zero chemicals to clean up and remove from your windows.

If a poor quality window cleaner was in a rush to clean your windows, he might leave some marks or residue by not removing all the soap and detergents from your windows. This won't happen with pure water, as it rinses off the window it grabs all the dirt and impurities with it.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about why using a reach and wash/water fed pole system will be beneficial to your home or business then please get in touch via the Contact Us page.


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