Why use Alex Scott Window Cleaning for commercial cleaning?
Cleaning Technology
For our exterior window cleaning we are taking advantage in the latest technologies which are keeping our operatives and the general public safer on your site, while providing better cleaning results compared to traditional methods. We are of course talking about the latest innovations of pure water.
Pure water is de-ionised water, this means it has absolutely no impurities. Unlike tap water which while it is perfectly safe to drink, cannot be used for window cleaning. Pure water can be pumped up a water fed pole, allowing our operatives to clean high up windows from ground level.
Health & Safety
Using the pure water method means our operatives can clean most windows from the ground, in fact we do not allow our operatives to use sectional ladders. The only ladders we do use are small, step ladders. This makes injuries from falls at height incredibly unlikely, giving you peace of mind when our operatives are cleaning windows at your site.
Bespoke risk assessments and method statements for your particular properties will be provided along with all our operatives being IOSH qualified.
Safety is and always will be our number one priority, if you have any questions regarding Health & Safety please do contact us to discuss.
Professional Service

We pride ourselves on doing a great job, right, first time. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we are always looking to exceed expectations. We provide exceptional quality window cleaning services with competitive pricing. Get in contact today to learn more or request a quote.

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